Why the name "The Dangling Ear?"

From The Tuscaloosa News........

"Tuscaloosa’s Hargrove Van de Graaff was one tough hombre on the football field.

In a 1913 game against Tennessee, he nearly lost an ear.

It “had a real nasty cut and was dangling from his head, bleeding badly,” Tennessee tackle Bull Bayer recalls in Winston Groom’s book, “The Crimson Tide.” “He grabbed his ear and tried to yank it from his head. His teammates stopped him and his managers bandaged him … He wanted to tear off his own ear so he could keep playing.”

Van de Graaff hung on to his ear and Alabama hung on to a
6-0 lead to beat the Vols.

Hargrove’s brother W.T. “Bully” Van de Graaff was an even bigger star for the Tide. A fabulously gifted athlete, he became Alabama’s first All-American."

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The AP Should Party like its 1964

So much ridiculous talk about giving the AP title to LSU if they get beat by Bama........................

First, you cannot turn the Bama-LSU game of Nov. 5th into the National Championship game, as many media members and Bama haters are attempting to do. That game was, pardon the term, but part of the process in determining the participants for the BCS Championship Game. LSU won the game, and pretty much locked down a spot in the Title game. They also became the SEC West representative for the SECCG, and thus earned the right to become an SEC Champion. Winning that game was very benficial to LSU.

Conversely, losing was costly for Alabama. Outside of losing the goal of winning the SEC, The Tide dropped well down the ladder of BCSCG hopefuls. Alabama was forced to win out and look good doing it, and then to hope for help around the country.

Oregon, Stanford, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State all had a better opportunity on Nov. 6th to meet LSU than Bama did - and all failed to get it done.

Despite losing to LSU, Alabama, whom anyone with honesty and football savvy will admit is one of the two best teams in the nation, did what was needed to make the BCSCG. The BCS worked by sifting through the season to provide the best two teams to play for the Championship.

The winner is the National Champion. The BCS is designed to pair the top two teams and have them play a game at a neutral site for the National Championship. The winner of that game is the BCS National Champion.

Now, the AP does not like the BCS and in fact chose to break away from the BCS process. So, if the AP does not want to consider the bowl process in determining their National Champion, as they would not be if they award the title to LSU if Bama wins - then I have a suggestion.

Go back to the way you did it in the mid 1960s, and really start sticking it to the BCS process. Just award your title after the regular season.

In your system, make the BCS bowl system totally inconsequential.

Because that is essentially what you will be doing if you vote LSU as your National Champion even after a loss on January 9th.

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  1. To be honest this was quite sad to after all it worked out the way it had to, right?