Why the name "The Dangling Ear?"

From The Tuscaloosa News........

"Tuscaloosa’s Hargrove Van de Graaff was one tough hombre on the football field.

In a 1913 game against Tennessee, he nearly lost an ear.

It “had a real nasty cut and was dangling from his head, bleeding badly,” Tennessee tackle Bull Bayer recalls in Winston Groom’s book, “The Crimson Tide.” “He grabbed his ear and tried to yank it from his head. His teammates stopped him and his managers bandaged him … He wanted to tear off his own ear so he could keep playing.”

Van de Graaff hung on to his ear and Alabama hung on to a
6-0 lead to beat the Vols.

Hargrove’s brother W.T. “Bully” Van de Graaff was an even bigger star for the Tide. A fabulously gifted athlete, he became Alabama’s first All-American."

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coach Saban's Ballot

and the predictable media backlash..... and I mean sad, but also sadly predictable, media backlash.

The Tim Brando's (who has become biased and agenda-driven to the point of absurdity) of the world act like the Coaches owed it to Oklahoma State to vote them at least #3 in the final ballot.If you did not, Brando is painting you as unethical, as he is intimating that Coach Saban cast his ballot for the purpose of helping Alabama and harming Oklahoma State.

Of course Gary Danielson joins Tim and sings with the choir, even stating that "Someone, the SID or someone, should have pulled Nick aside and said "Do you really want to do this?"" Tim, if that was really his purpose, would he not have placed them at #5, or even #6, as some other voters without gloves in the fight did?

You say Nick Saban is a smart guy - do you really think Coach Saban would face this ridiculous media frenzy for the sake of one spot on his ballot, unless it was how he really felt?That's right Tim, and Gary - maybe Coach Saban had Stanford at #3, and saw no reason to move them down in the final ballot.And could it be that Coach Saban voted his conscious, honestly and ethically - and that it is the Brando's and Boilermaker Gary's of the world who are advocating breaching ethics based on personal bias?

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